Get Rid Of Poop Smell With Smell-Be-Gone Poop Spray

We all have encountered some shitty accidents in bathroom, where the best evidence of the crime is left because of the smell of it! Have you ever wondered how to get rid of poop smell and continuing to live your happy life after that?

Smell - Poop

Don’t you think that life would have been much easier if we all had a chance to just erase the pathetic smell form our bathroom after pooping the shit out there? I believe it would have been lot more filled with daisies, or just the some other good smelling elements.

So, here is a video which is surely going to help you with it. The video teaches you the easiest ways of getting rid of the poop smell with help of the homemade smell-be-gone-poop spray! And all the ingredients you’ll need for this are easily available at home, and if not, you can go to the nearest grocery store and grab them.

Ingredients required:-

Fragrance Oil
Liquid Soap 
Food Color