Get Rid Of Belly Fat With These Workout Hacks

If there is one problem area on your body that is stubborn and most troublesome, it is the belly fat. No matter how many hours you spend on the treadmill and how many squats you do, the belly fat refuses to dissolve. In the process, you remain one step away from attaining hips that do not lie. Check out the tricks to get an hourglass shape. Burn the belly fat and say hello to robust hips.
Gear up for strict exercise regimes and proper dietary habits. Remember- weight training and the right food will help you attain your hourglass goal just right.

Step 1

Belly Fat Is Stubborn
Stubborn fat

Begin by reducing the calories you consume. This will trigger belly fat loss. Target slashing down 250 calories on a daily basis. To start off, begin by actually tracking the calories you consume. Pack in foods that come laced with high nutrient values. To begin with, law fat dairy, lean meat, whole grain, veggies and fruits are apt options.

Step 2

Belly Fat Woes!
Stomach Fat Woes!

Stop having long gaps between your meals. Healthy snacking is the key to burn belly fat. Snack light but in a way that you are full. This will effectively give you energy while ensuring that your levels of metabolism hit the roof. In addition, these will prevent the urge to overeat or eat on binge impulse. The snacks must be placed about two or three hours post your main meals. Track the calorie count. This should touch 100 or 290 calories at the most. See robust hips and lesser belly fat with this clever food trick.