Get High With These Headphones!!

Remember the song, “Young, Wild and Free” by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa? The lyrics say, “So what we smoke weed?” Now imagine yourself getting high just by listening to that song instead of smoking weed. Would be extremely HEALTHY and FUN, isn’t it? Well, this is what this Florida-based company is trying to do! Get high with a pair of headphones – FOR REAL!!

Get High: A joint
A joint

Why do people get high is a common question asked around everywhere. The people at Nervana went into the depth of this question and found that achieving the stage of nirvana is one aim. This is why, they devised a pair of headphones that stimulate the user’s nervous system and help him achieve a state of calmness and reduction in stress. But how can a pair of headphones used for listening music can do this much, is what you ask? The answer is many fold!
Get High: Headphones
Get high with these headphones

The company recommends two sessions of these headphones in a day, each of 15 to 45 minutes depending upon your schedule so that you could relax yourself from your hectic schedule. The basic methodology used in these headphones is stimulation of the vagus nerve along with triggering the release of “feel-good hormones” in the body which give a sensation as is defined by the hormone’s name itself.
Get High: Nervana
The Nervana Headphones

The headphones work on three different modes:
1. Music Mode: This mode takes input from your regular playlist through the normal headphone jack and the output is generated on the Nervana headphones enabling the user to feel the music.
2. Ambient Mode: This mode enables the user to get rid of his regular boring playlist and convert the sound of the nature into something soothing. This mode captures the sound of the surroundings, like the music in a concert or any other such sound through the built-in microphone and convert it into an output that makes the user feel great about it.
3. Formula Mode: And if you don’t want that any sort of music should stimulate you, the pre-defined nerve patterns in your headphones can also help you sooth and relax from the tensions and worries, or in short, make you feel high!
A question that everyone ponders upon before using this pair of headphones is that if these are safe, the answer to which is yes. The manufacturers have already tested the use of these headphones and rendered them safe.
Get High: Stimulant
Headphones stimulates your nervous system

It is expected that these headphones will be shipped by the end of June. And for those who really want to get high on a pair of headphones, they will have to bear a hole in their pockets as they don’t cost cheap. They will have to shed a hefty amount of about Rs. 18,000 for a single pair of these headphones. Nevertheless, it is a healthy way to get high!