Four Week Workout Program For Beginners

Whenever you talk about fitness, it is the three-month workout program that usually dominates the realm. You might have noticed them in magazines. Are they result-oriented? Yes, indeed they are. There is an interesting fact that you will come to know. You will actually not take 8 to 12 weeks to get accustomed to the gym. After the four weeks you will definitely not become an expert but once you get the hang of it in the first month where maximum give up is required, you can set the stage for lifetime profits.

Proper workout program leads to great body
Great body

This article is a beginner’s guide to bodybuilding. The first month training will be really rigorous but not so much that you get injured. It will be demanding in respect to the different workouts that you will be asked to do in higher volumes and with more intensity. Four weeks after the training, you will be ready not only for taking the next challenge but you will also develop the right amount of muscles in your body. Basically, after one month from now, your looks will be drastically better especially when you take your clothes off.
This workout program is apt for anyone who has never experienced anything with weights before and also for them who have been absent from training sessions for a long time. What was the last time you went to gym? Was it six months, a year or even five years ago? You don’t have to worry as the following routines will help you to get back in track. You guessed it right, you need to involve in only four weeks. Why don’t we get it started?

Week 1: Whole in one

Complete workout program
Muscular body

It includes a complete body training split, which means all major body parts gets trained. You need to train for three days executing single exercise for each body per session. Make sure that you are giving a day off so that you can recover. Thus, your training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday while Saturday and Sunday are your rest days.
In the first week of this workout program, the exercises consists of some basic moves that are used by the advanced lifters and are suitable for you too. You will begin not only with the machine exercises but there are some free weight movements included. This is because you need to carry the exercises to grow your muscles and strengthen them as long for long term and thus learning them early is a good option. You must read all the descriptions carefully before giving an attempt.
You need to execute three sets per exercise, which eventually sums up to total of 9 sets for every body part. This is a good volume for the beginners. While performing abs crunches you need to start with 8 to 12 reps per set. The rep scheme is considered as the best option for acquiring the muscle gains and is practiced by amateurs and professional body builders.
You will notice in the exercises, that the first set demands for 8 reps and the second set for 10 reps and the third for 12 reps. This is known as “reverse pyramid” in bodybuilding domain where your motto should be to finish off higher rep counts by reducing the weight by each set. For instance, when you have used 140 pounds for eight reps in your first set, you need to use 120 pounds on set two and may be 100 for set three.

Week 2: Split decision

Workout program with dumbells
Dumbell exercise

You have been only a week into the workout program but still you train different body parts on different days with the two-day training split. In this program, your whole body gets the training over the course of two days instead of one from the first week’s training. Total of four days are taken into account, splitting them from Monday and Thursday for upper body and Tuesday and Friday for lower body. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are you recovery days.
Several of the workouts are continued in week 2 and one additional move gets added up (except abs) and thereby you are able to train your muscle groups from multiple angles. For example the chest adds two exercises: the first one is the dumbbell bench press (compound movement) where your shoulders and elbows are involved. The second one is the dumbbell flyer (isolation exercise) that includes your shoulder only and focuses more on the pecs. While you are executing the chest presses, triceps and deltoids are involved to a degree, which refers to the aspect that presses don’t isolate the precs similar to flyes.
The reverse pyramid scheme of reps will be employed in week 2 with a difference being the reps going higher in number on the third set of your exercise. Fifteen reps might not be considered ideal range for muscle-building but it can help you to grow your endurance and also develop a solid foundation for building and strengthening the muscle and taking it forward.

Week 3: Three on three

Workout program for chest training
Chest training

In this week the 3-day training split program is employed. On day 1, go for training your chests, triceps and shoulders. Day 2 includes the biceps; back and abs. Train your lower body parts like calves, hamstrings, quads and gluts on day 3. Compared to the second week’s twice a week training, you are training for six days in week 3.
One additional exercise is added to this workout program so that your training gets more angles and there is better training to promote a complete development. With two exercises of 3 to 4 sets each, you will be training each of the muscle groups. For instance, there will be four sets for your chest, shoulders, back, hamstrings and quads (larger body parts) and three sets for the calves, abs, triceps and biceps (smaller body parts). Basically there are 16 sets for larger body parts and 12 sets for the smaller ones. You need to work in the range from 8 to 15 reps, which is way more increased in volume from 1st week.

Week 4: Increasing the volume of your workout program

Workout program - intense workout
Intense excercise

In the final week, your training will be for four days with the four-way split workout program where except for your calves and abs you hit every body part. This program is common among the experienced lifters as they include fewer body part training, may be 2-3 from every workout which is enough for the muscle groups getting the attention and also allows for higher volume training. A common pairing is followed by the beginners and the bodybuilders where your chest and triceps are paired up and quads with hamstrings, biceps and back are paired up. The best thing is that your shoulders will get trained on their own and calves and abs will be focused on alternate days responding well enough for multiple times training every week. You will not be introduced with any new exercise so that your focus remains on the workout intensity rather than learning new things.
In the 4th week, the rep schemes follows the hypertrophy range but there is an increase with the inclusion of more sets to the individual workout program. There are an increased upto five sets per workout for the larger body parts and 10 sets of the calf raises. This intense increase assures that your muscles continually grow with the process that began in the first three weeks. Once you are successful in completing the four-week workout program, you are stepping ahead for the next stage.
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