First Date Questions We All Have On Our Minds

First Date Questions are one of the kind which perfectly fit into the category of embarrassing. And here are some questions we all consider asking but are too afraid, or rather embarrassed to do so.

Don’t You Own A Watch?

Girl Scrutinizing - first date questions
Girl Scrutinizing

Because it is really bad to be late on the first date!

Do You Think I am Desirably Pretty/Handsome?

Girl Sobbing - first date questions
Girl Crying

Because it will be perfect to be clear on the very first time you go on a date with me, because after second one, we are totally a thing!

Are You The One I’d Say “I Do” To?

The Wedding - first date questions
The Wedding

Because clearly if you are, let’s start planning it!

Are You Okay With Me Babbling, Because That’s What I Do?

Girl Babbling - first date questions

And the trouble is I can’t control it.. but wait.. I don’t feel like controlling. All this actually makes me feel alive and yes, for me alive is to be able to talk.. And just kiss me already?

Is My First Date Outfit Too Slutty/Dressy?

Man Flaunting His Clothes - first date questions
Man Flaunting His Clothes

Please tell me I look amazing, already. It took me almost forever to get ready for this date!

Will We Be Heading “Home” To Night?

Women In Confusion - first date questions
Women In Confusion

See, this date was all in an expectation of getting laid, and if it’s your place, it better be well maintained. And if it’s mine, I might have forgot to remove some “unwanted” stuff from the bed!

Can I Eat What You Have Ordered For Yourself ?

I Just Want To Eat - first date questions
I Just Want To Eat

Because the salad I ordered out of formality isn’t really going to fill in my belly!
Well, we all have our questions, but these are the one’s, you’ll definitely want an answer to.
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