Find Out How Chewing Gum And 24 Other Harmless Things Are Making You Dumb.

They say, that you gotta loose something in order to gain something. The same rule applies to subjects as simple as weight loss and relatively complex issues such as intelligence.
Like did you know that doing something as insignificant as chewing gum or watching news could potentially make you dumber ?
Yeah, science keeps showing up with unbelievable yet accurate facts to blow our minds away.
So, if you want to protect yourself from becoming dumber and maintain your intellect, you better read this.

1. Meetings

We’re not saying that all group meetings are pointless and detrimental to one’s mental health. But most of the times, group meetings are not that productive as we think them to be. The reason behind this is that, most of the times, participants are more concerned on issues that have no bearing over the task at hand. Like proving their point, body posture, appearance and waiting for it be over.

Things Making You Dumb
Things Making You Dumb