Find Out 15 Most Brutal Laws For Rapists Around The World. China Is The Worst Of Them All

Rape is universally looked down as the most vile crime against an individual. And while it is true that it is a punishable offense in every country, there are some countries which have more strict on rapists than any other part of the world. And though we are well aware of the legal penalty on the crime in a country like India, which was only made more severe after the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape incident.
But you may not be aware of the stand of 14 other countries when it comes to the grave issue of rape. 

1. North Korea

In the Hermit Kingdom, victims of $exual abuse are given the power to kill their abusers at point blank. The guilty individual faces execution at the hands of a firing squad, with the victim being one of the shooters.

Rape Punishments Around The World
Rape Punishments Around The World