Fifteen Dogs Were About To Be Killed At Once When These Guys Walked Into Their Shelter, What They Did Next Is Incredible!!

Abandoned dogs have a very difficult life. In fact, there are so many abandoned dogs in the U.S. that many of them have to be culled down to save space. Imagine the plight of the canine which is about to face euthanasia delivers babies. More load on the dog shelter and sickening end for the babies and their mom.
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There was a similar case in Beverly Hills California, where a rottweiler bitch was about to be culled with her puppies. Some of the Animal care workers volunteered to save the family before it was exterminated. After all, help was required and help was at hand.
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When the Dog Rescue Volunteers arrived at the scene they took the case in their hands. The Rottweiler Family had seven members in all. The mom and her six babies were cute. The dog was called Isabella and she was quite gentle. Normally, Rottweilers are one of the nastiest dog breeds, but her temperament was just fine. She was well behaved and her babies were taken away. But this was not all.
Before the animal rescue workers reached the dog shelter, there was a pooch lying tied to a fence, a few blocks away. It was a heart-wrenching scene where the dog was abandoned in such a cowardly manner that one cannot imagine. The cost of surrendering a pet is just 25 Dollars and still people leave them on the road, just to save a meager amount of money. How shameful!
The Animal Rescue workers took charge of this dog and named her Cassidy.
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Anyway, there was another dog family which was to be killed owing to the shortage of resources and space. It was a terrier family and of equal size of the rottweiler family. The animal rescue workers returned later in the day and saved her and her family.
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That is a whopping rescue guys. Continue with your good work.