OMG!!!! These Words Used By Delhiites Will Make You Go ROFL!!!!

Delhiites have an extremely colorful vocabulary. If you are from anywhere outside the capital, and are having a conversation with a true blue delhiite for the first time in your life, chances are that you’ll be either thoroughly confused or seriously offended…. For instance:

Taxi driver: Madamji highway se kaise lelu, tussi toh Bhand pade ho aur udhar Thulle khade honge… Bhassad ho jana hai… Here are a few words that you’ll find in every Dilli-wallah’s dictionary.

  • Bhassad:

    Nooo… not that silly! Bhassad basically means a trouble or a sticky situation…
    Bhai jaldi aaja.. bhassad ho gai hai or something like arre tujhe nai pata unke breakup ke baare mein? bohot bhassad chal rahi thi unme… BHASSAD!!!!

  • Thulla :

    This word has an extremely funny rhythm… say it multiple times in a row and you’ll know.. hehe… What it actually means is a Cop or a policeman!!!

  •       Abbe seatbelt laga, Thulla khada hai aage…. 

          looks like it’s pretty official:-D

  • Khassi:

    Looseerrrr!!! yepp, with a capital L and multiple R’s.. that’s what it means… Fuddu, Piddi, Khassi..
    Ohho! Kaisa Khassi sa boyfriend pata lia yaar tune! OR WOH? Abbe usse nai hoga.. KHASSi hai wo ek number ka..

  • Bhand:

    Again, not what you think. Dirty mind!!…. Bhand means Drunk!! in bold & italics.. Talli! High! Bhand!
    Bhand ho gaya yaar aaj toh OR Bhai wo toh BHAND hi rehta hai hamesha…. OR tujhe kaise yaad hoga.. tu toh Bhand padi thi wahan!!! OR Chal yaar milkar Bhand hote hain…

Bhand ho gai yaar...
Bhand ho gai yaar…
  • Totta :

    nope, not the bird… it is a term coined for an extremely hot girl!!
    TOTTA hai bhai uski Girlfriend toh….!!! OR Oye.. oo dekh Totta!!

  • Falaana Dhimkana:

    The word means etc. etc… how in the world could it mean etc… I mean how? how? is there some logic I am missing?
    Kahan gai thi?    shopping.. achha! Kya lia?  Kuchh nahi yaar.. wohi dress, shoes, FALANA DHIMKANA..??
    is it just me or does the phrase actually sound heavier that the main content of the sentence?

  • Gunguna :

    Again, there has to be some logic I am missing… how does gunguna mean lukewarm????
    beta dudh zyada garam mat karna, sirf Gunguna.. hain?? what the @#$%&???

  • Vella

    Sounds like some international brand, doesn’t it? but it actually means jobless, free or idle.
    Oye tu kya kar raha hai shaam ko? kuch nai yaar Vella hoon… OR hum toh velle hain, aap hi batao kab free ho…

           or beta kya kar rahe ho aaj kal? bas uncle engineering ho gai hai, vella hun ab!!!

  • Sundaasi:

    the guy who named this thing this must have been a disgusting creature. I mean the name is wrong on all levels…. how in the seven hells does a utensil picking tool get named sundaasi???? Crazy son of gun!!!!