Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Initially Rejected Because Of Their Looks!

To be a part of the showbiz, you have to be really good looking. But, as exceptions are always there, same goes for Hollywood too. Here is a list that may tell – what we see today, were once called “what” !

  1. Kat Dennings


There was a show by the name – two broke girls. If you have seen the show, then you may have noticed her. She was represented as overtly sexual, very comic and real stubborn. She has been known for the edgy personality that she keeps. Though the name is famous now but once upon a time – she was told to fix anything and everything about her. She did not pay heed to what rubbish people said and now is a known to all.

  1. Reese Witherspoon


This sweet and lovely looking actress too has been subjected to rejection by many. She was told that she is short, not good looking and lacks talent. Through a show- Legally Blonde- she proved her mettle.