Facts About Dreams Which You'll Be Shocked To Know

Dreams are a unique way in which our mind projects emotions and visual imagery which we experience during a rather passive state while we are asleep. Also a fair amount of mystery remains in the purpose and mechanics of dreams they have never failed to fascinate the human kind. We will today uncover some strange and unbelievable facts about dreams that you would want to know.

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 Facts About Dreams #1 12% of total population dream only in black and white

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Most people associate dreams with colorful imagery which stimulates activity in our brain. It is therefore hard to believe that a small chunk of population experiences colorless visuals during their dream state. The only explanation – people who were exposed to black & white television during their early lives had black and white dreams, and the rest population having colored dreams was due to exposure to colored television during childhood.

Facts About Dreams #2 There is a significant difference in the dreams of men and women

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Men are from Mars!Women are from Venus! While this makes up for an eternal debate this also applies to the differentiation of how and what men & women dream about. A lot of surveys and studies have shown that men dream about cars and weapons (mostly violent themes) while women dream about being at workplaces or at home. This difference also confirms how the both sexes view the world differently and dreaming also being a function of hormones of a person (differing in both genders).

Facts About Dreams #3 Our bodies are fully paralysed during intense dreaming

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Okay, maybe this sounds a little frightening but it is very normal and pretty much everyone goes through it every night. Our brain is more active in the dream state than in the awakened one, it is characterized by intense eye moment and paralysis of the body. The only explanation for the paralysis remains that it prevents our bodies from injuries during us experiencing and imitating the dreams.

Facts About Dreams #4 Dreaming helps in learning and solving problems

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Researches have proven that dreaming actually helps us in learning and solving problems. Dreams are the brain’s way of processing and understanding new information. This explains the fact why some people experience recurring dreams which relate to things that we need to understand about ourselves and the world around us. (wow that was a great insight and pretty much explains our yearning for self discovery at a deep level)

Facts About Dreams #5 People who are born blind can’t visually experience dreams – but people who became blind after birth can


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Blind people who were not blind, but lost their ability to see in their later life are perfectly capable of percieving imagery in their dreams. Other naturally blind people see nothing at all, but their dreams are just as intense involving the other sense (touch, smell, sound etc)

Facts About Dreams #6 Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming is a concept where a person can actually control and drive the contents of their dreams, enabling them to do impossible acts such as flying, passing through the walls and time travel. The state is also known as conscious dreaming and there are various techniques which people have learned in order to experience this empowering state.

Facts About Dreams #7 Dreams have led to many of world’s inventions

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Strangely enough dreams are responsible for some of the world’s greatest inventions. James Watson dreamt of the DNA’s double helix spiral form, Elias Howe dreamt of a sewing machine and Demetri Mandalow had discovered positions for the Periodic table in the dream state itself.

Facts About Dreams #8 Dreams have also successfully predicted the future !

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There are various records and cases registered in the human history where people have dreamt of something which turned out to be true in the future. This mysterious phenomenon of having glimpses of future have also made people rich or even lead to saving someone’s life. (this proves how an understanding of human consciousness can explain the way humans can control reality and become invincible)

Facts About Dreams #9 Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis

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Imagine that you wake up to feel paralyzed and you feel an evil creature in your room, that does happen to lot of people as a by product of dreaming. Studies report that about 8% of people experience sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations. Including a belief that there is an intruder in the room (hallucinating demons, aliens or experiencing flying in the space). Sleep paralysis it is.

Facts About Dreams #10 Out of Body Experiences

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Well not everybody can claim an out of body experience during the passive sleeping state, but a majority of those who do claim the OBE’s (out of body experiences) to be as real as the real life situations. It includes a person percieving the world from a place outside the body. This experience can be frightening as well as overwhelming for some who undergo it. The strongest explanation of this is that the human consciousness detaches itself from the body and roams around percieving the world in a formless state.

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Well we did have a good time uncovering and exploring the strange and some unbelievable facts about Dreaming and hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did. Feel free to post your opinions or sharing experiences relating to your dreams in the comments section below.