15 Facts About Babies,I Bet You Never Knew!

Babies are the cutest toys adults could play with. They are adorable and these amazing facts about babies will change the way you look at them and will spin your head.

Here are the facts about babies

Every 3 Seconds, A Baby Is Born

Take it like that, after you finish of with reading a single point here, somewhere around the globe, a baby is born. As weird as it may sounds, that’s the rate at which human race is producing. And bang, I hear a new born cry. 

Babies All Over The World
Babies All Over The World

Babies Are More Comfortable With Females

It is widely noticed and accepted that newborns are more comfortable with female voices and presence. This must have something to do with the fact that they are inside a female for 9 months.

Baby With Women
Baby With Women

The First Smile Takes A Month

As beautiful as it seems, it comes after almost a month. The first beautiful, perfect little smile is seen once the baby turns approximately a month old.

Baby's First Smile
Baby’s First Smile