Extinct Animal Species Who Are Not Much Known To The World!!

Wall.alphacoders.comThis Earth was once rich in different species of animals having unique features and qualities. Slowly and steadily many of those species got completely disappeared from the world. Here we present a list of amazing animals that are now extinct from the globe.

1. Daedon

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Daedon, also known as Dinohys (which means “terrible pig” in Greek), was one of the largest known Entelodon. Daedon, a habitant of the plains of North America was about 12 feet long and weighed around one ton. The main odd features of Daedon was its skull, which was 90 centimeter long and its nostrils which were splayed out towards the sides of its head rather than facing forward which is generally seen in modern pigs. With the strong bite force of its jaws, breaking and crack opening bones became very easy for Daedon.

2. Archaeopteryx

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Archaeopteryx, known as a transitional fossil between dinosaur and modern birds lived around 150 million years ago. This bird-like dinosaur having a blend of avian and reptilian features was first discovered in Germany in 1860. Its main features include jaws with sharp teeth, three fingers with claws, a long bony tail, killing claws etc. Scientists believed that Archaeopteryx had some aerodynamic abilities, considering its wings and feathers. No doubt, it is referred to as Urvogel, the German word for “First Bird.”

3. Macrauchenia

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Macrauchenia was a South African herbivore mammal which lived from 7 million to 20,000 years ago and mainly known for its long-neck, long limb and three toes. It has a body somewhat like a camel with sturdy legs and relatively small head. It has a large body with the length of round 3 meters and the weight of around one ton. One of the unusual features it had was that the openings for nostrils on its skull were atop the head.

4. Diprotodon 

Diprotodon, which means “two forward teeth,” was the first fossil mammal named from Australia which lived from around 1.6 million years ago until 46,000 years ago. They were hippopotamus-sized, about 3 meters long and weight up to 3 tonnes approximately. These were named on their large front teeth and were inhabitants of the open forests and grasslands to stay close to water, leaves, and grasses. It resembled a rhinoceros without a horn. They certainly were not rare as hundreds of fossils of the mammal have been found. They were likely to be died in drying lake beds due to droughts.

5. Thylacoleo 

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Thylacoleo is commonly known as the “Pouch Lion” that lived in Australia some 2 million to 46,000 years ago. Some of these Marsupial lions were the largest mammalian predators in Australia of that time weighing about 100-130 kg. According to the research, Thylacoleo could hunt even animals much larger than its own size such as Diprotodon and giant kangaroos by achieving a bite force as much as of a modern-day lion.

6. Haast’s Eagle

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Haast’s eagle that became extinct around 1400 once lived in New Zealand and was the largest eagle ever known to have existed. With the length of around 2.6-3 meters and an average weight of 10-15 kg, Haast’s eagle was even larger than the largest living vultures. The eagle was known to have the ability to prey on the animals weighing 15 times its own weight.

7. Entelodont

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Entelodont, also termed as “terminator pigs” or “hell pigs” were from the family of pig-like omnivores existed in North America, Europe and Asia around 37.2-16.3 million years ago. The main features of this extinct species include the full range of mammalian teeth, bulky body with an average weight of around 500 kg, short legs and long muzzles. They were known to be opportunists, mainly relying on eating live animals, but not rejecting carrion and roots in times of drought.