Evolution Of Locks From Egyptians To The Modern World


If you look at this picture you see how useful and important this think is for modern day living. Locks can be used in many forms suitable for briefcases, doors, locker safes etc. This is something that you use in your daily walk of life but have you ever wondered how modern day locks were conceived. We might have all the answers for you right here.

A bundle of padlocks all locked together, Image credit : stockarch.com

Wooden Locks

We surely know that the need for use of security locks came as a part of human evolution. As people started leading their life in the society there was a constant need to protect your belongings from any sort of theft or third party intervention. In the ancient era there were no mechanical equipments to provide the utility of a lock, so ropes were used to tie knots around objects, boxes etc. But it did not provide security. It only ensured that you knew someone had opened it. But then as time passed, wooden and metal mechanisms began to be used in almost all parts of the world.

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Egyptian Lock Mechanism

But the history of mechanical locks started about 6000 years ago in the ancient Egypt. The craftsman of that era were able to create a pin tumbler mechanism carved out of wood to create a working mechanism. The wooden post was attached to the door. A horizontal post containing the pins was used to slid into the ppst and lock the door. A big wooden key was designed by the Egyptians which was shaped in a way to fit the shape of inside pins and holes. The keys were approximately the size of a modern day toothbrush. The key as you would guess was inserted in the openings of the door and it was then lifted. This mechanism was used to release the pins and thus open free the door by moving the bolt meant for security.

Ancient Egyptian Lock 6000 years ago
Image Credit : smith.edu

The Role Of Greek And Romans

This was just the beginning of the evolution of locks. Finally the role Greeks and Romans in the development of locks also came into the picture during 1000 B.C. So both the technology and designs for the locks were improved as years passed. But the problem with the Greek locks was that they were considered as not so secure. Then the Greek designs served as an inspiration for the Romans. The Romans used this inspiration by building better locks but this time they used metal mechanisms to strengthen their overall systems.

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It was truly a great innovation. The use of metal ensured that now the locks were able to have protection against any forceful or heavy duty attacks. Another thing which changed with the locks was that the wooden key was replaced by a metal one. This helped as the metal keys were small enough and could easily carried in the pockets, hung on the pedants and rings. At that time internal designs were improved. It made sure that only the correct key with the exact shape could open the lock.

The Fall Of Roman Era Of Locks And A Brief End Of Invented Mechanism


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