Evidently Wikipedia Supports Spirit Conspiracy Theories

We are not making things up. You will find plenty of evidence about various shadowed people, spirits and people from parallel universes on Wikipedia. These conspiracy theories supported by the website are quite shocking and giving the readers this free encyclopedia enjoys. Because not only the popular free information website describes these conspiracy theories, it provides plenty of evidence in support of it. It also provided history, references and explanations for supporting the same.

shadow-people conspiracy theories
shadow people evidence

Conspiracy Theories – Shadow People

For example according to the page they claim that shadowed people are a reality of supernatural origins who appear as dark forms. According to the page the shadowed people are only peripheral to the human eye. And these shadows can disintegrate or move between walls when you ever noticed. Now if ever you experience something like that, and you friend rubbished your claims, remember there are reports which support its evidence.

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shadow influences

According to these reports shadowed people are quite similar to the experience of one witnessing presence of ghosts. The only difference remains is that that shadowed people do not have human features and like ghosts they do not try to communicate with the humans. People have even reported shocking incidents of menace, like a very heavy feeling of being chased. In some rare cases people have even been attacked by some mysterious shadows. Some reports have even described them as having glowing red eyes.
conspiracy theories hat man
mysterious hat man

The victim can witness them lingering for several seconds followed by a mysterious feeling of dread. In some reports they have been quoted as “black humanoid silhouettes with no discernible mouths, noses, eyes, or any expression whatsoever, though purported witnesses have also described child-sized humanoids or shapeless masses”. The people who have seen them describe their movement as disfigured and swift. They might appear slow at first and they quickly shift to other part of the room/place where they are found forming a liquid wave pattern.
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shadow feature

It is not uncommon of witnesses to see shadows with weird cloaks or hats. Some people have even compared the little dots in the corner of our eyes as not mere dust/lack of light but to be identified as shadow people.

The Unbelievable Multiverse Theories

multiverse conspiracy theories
multiple universe theory

According to wikipedia’s conspiracy theories the structure of multiple universes and the relationship between various entities interacting among the multiple universes is based on a special hypothesis. Parallel universes can also be called as ” alternative universe”, “quantum universe” or referred to as interpenetrating dimensions.
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people from alternate realities

The most tall standing theory remains that of physicist like Stephen Feeney claiming that our universe collided with other universe in the distant pasts. On the surface what this might have caused shuffling of realities of many people, such as the woman who experienced waking up in a different reality.
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multiple dimensions

For story refer to our article on evidence of parallel universes. There are also theories that the entities who have learned to time travel can be found on different realities by passing through time holes. This also explains the theories of various spirits and unidentified objects seen in our world, which we fail to describe.
All these explanations completely buy our attention. This is because of the number of reports and scientific evidences that support the same. This is what Wikipedia has to say, it is upto us whether we believe in these theories or not.
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