Emraan Hashmi's Fight With Son's Cancer Is Overwhelming!

Actors keep on inspiring us with the life they showcase in various movies, but scarce are those cases when inspiration comes from the real life of a celebrity. Moreover, after witnessing the role of an actor in a particular movie, we make a perception of the person and thus, the chances of getting an inspiration from him exponentially decreases. This is why you just won’t be able to get an inspiration from a story based on Gulshan Grover, but at the same time would be utterly impressed by a story based on Amitabh Bachchan. But Emraan Hashmi seems to have done something unimaginable!

Emraan Hashmi: Ayaan
Ayaan and Emraan Hashmi

But at times, the person who has no expectations of inspiration laid upon takes a rapid turn and inspires the world in a meticulous manner. A similar case stands for Emraan Hashmi, the proclaimed serial kisser of Bollywood. He has been in news for his roles ever since he debuted his acting career but as the time passed, he transformed into much more. The story of his life and the struggle his child had to face while fighting cancer has been mentioned in his first book, The Kiss of Life.
Emraan Hashmi: The Kiss of Life
The Kiss of Life