Embarrassing Photos Of Roach In Meal Goes Viral

Embarrassing photos can extend to any genre. You can have embarrassing photos of yourself, your spouse, your house, your car and what not. But what if I say you had a shameful picture of your food. Nothing can be more embarrassing than this. In fact, it could get you a backlash from those who see it.

Embarrassing Photos
Did You Notice The Roach At The End Of The Plate

Yes, you heard me right. A shameful picture of your dinner! Now, how can your dinner’s pic be shameful? Well, it would be mighty difficult on my part to explain.
Keisha Wilson posted this picture to Team Harris boasting about her lavish dinner of steak and baked potatoes. It looked like a large helping and nothing was wrong about it. Until we saw what was at the brim of the plate. It was disgusting
Unfortunately, Keisha didn’t notice it. That turned out to be a hilarious picture as the rest of Twitterati saw the large cockroach sitting on her plate. It left the whole web in splits with over millions of retweets and the post has gone to be a viral post.
(P.S. – I was researching for her account, but it seems to have vanished into thin air.)