EIC Decodes Bollywood's Worst Songs!!

EIC, or East India Comedy for those who are new to watching stand-up comedy on YouTube, again hit right on spot and the target remains Bollywood. In their new show called “EIC vs Bollywood”, as is evident, they bring out the most pointless things in Bollywood and mock the shit out of them. In the installment of this show called “The Worst Song”, they LITERALLY decipher the meanings of the worst songs that came out in Bollywood, which frankly speaking, we ourselves couldn’t decipher.
Sahil Shah, Sorabh Pant and Sapan Verma from the EIC team give an insight of the lyrics, which they themselves couldn’t work out the meaning to. This video will surely tickle your funny bone, especially if you are a fan of Bollywood, and eventually EIC as well! So sit back and enjoy!