Edwina Bartholomew Stirs Controversy At Oscars

The presenter on the red carpet, Edwina Bartholomew had chosen a controversy for herself on the night of the award function. Little did she know how bad of a decision it would turn out to be for her. Social media was going topsy-turvy with design ensemble of her pictures.

1. Look What The Controversy Is All About

Edwina Bartholomew
What’s That On Her Dress


2. No Wonder She’s Grinning And Bearing It

Edwina Bartholomew
Grin And Bear It


3. But Heck Twitter Has Got Her By The Nape Of The Neck

Edwina Bartholomew
Twitter Runs Amok With Trolls

4. Even She’s Sheepish To Comment On It

Edwina Bartholomew
The Actress Is Sheepish About

5. But Her Boyfriend Acts Smart And Cool

Edwina Bartholomew
The Boyfriend Acts Smart And Cool

That sums up the entire story. Heck, next time, don’t go for an expensive gown with unnatural frills. It could clearly land you in a soup, with no easy way out. If you look closely at picture number four, you see her designers don’t seem to notice the flaw in their design. Or maybe they are acting as if nothing went wrong