Doormats With Puns Too Good, They Will Stun Your Guests

That’s sweet, ain’t it the “Mithi churri doormat “?

dm3 copy

Hahahahaha, make them conscious before serving them, will works wonder for you.

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I don’t know the symbols above, but PK and the tripping man makes me buy this one for all the drunkards I know!

All the Breaking Bad fans out there, this one is for your Pain Guests. 

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And never come back, it’s for all the Star War freaks and for their freakish guests!

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I can bet, the wife forced her husband to shop with her and the Dog is just having fun in there!

dm4 copy

Beware, the person living in knows witch craft and doesn’t like you much, hope I don’t see a lizard coming out after you.

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Bitch, that’s costly carpet in there, remove your filthy shoes and don’t bother by scratching your foot here!

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One for the hot bachelorette, just free and off with the bra, that’s home sweet home!

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You read me right, now turn back if no cookies are involved and if yes, just come in, don’t bother asking!

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“Kundi Mat Khadkaao Raja” 😛
That’s kinky and sweet, well, it’s hot!

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