Dolphins Can Detect Foetus Of Pregnant Woman, Amazing!

We live in a crazy world don’t you agree?
The world where the animals are both cooked and worshiped.
In Parts of Indonesia, it is believed that The almighty created animals to keep us; humans in control.
They believe that animals are given powers that humans will someday long to possess.
China is also not that distant with this thought and the most prominent example of that is the chinses calender. It classifies human behavior on the basis of the animal time period they are born in; according to which I am a roster.
But there is one such animal which is not celebrated by any religion, i.e. the dolphins, but they also possess some powers that humans call ultrasound; to find that if it’s a boy or a girl.
Read on.
Yes, I am not kidding.
Dolphins can detect the fetus of a pregnant woman.

Dolphins are not born with this ability

Dolphins possess the innate ability to produce sounds and listen to echoes. They can recognize shapes and positions of objects through ultrasound. And thus, they can detect the fetus.

Dolphins-Dolphins are not born with this ability
They can detect fetus of a pregnant woman

Everything good needs to be earned and this rule holds for the dolphins too.
They are not born with the abilities of echolocation (the process of finding out the distance between things without the reflected sound). According to, Malcolm Nicholson, a professor at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, dolphins develop this ability in their adolescence.

No definitive study to prove this theory.

There have been studies constructed all around the world to find out solid proofs behind this interesting theory.

dolphins-No definitive study to prove this theory.
There is no definitive proof of the belief

Lori Marino, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta, says a dolphin can detect a fetus. Although difficult, “You’d have to really do a well-controlled study to make a definitive statement.”
So until we have substantial proof of the on this theory we can still accept it to be quirky notion to believe in.