Dog Whisperer – Your Dog Understands What You Say

Look at your dog. Yes, we are talking about the one who follows you everywhere around the house, wagging its tail vigorously. Panting madly, this loyal friend of man has been rated by scientists, a notch higher than other pets? Why, you might wonder. Because, hush, don’t speak out loud, for your canine clearly understands what you say. So be careful with your secret conversations next time, for your dog will know it all.

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What your canine is capable of – The experts’ verdict

Scientists have always been carrying out experiments on your favourite pets to assess their intelligence. Aptitude tests reveal that dogs are responsive and intelligent. They have a high level of understanding. They comprehend objects, words and actions and much more.

A Dog even differentiates good music from bad one

Inspired to become the next Mozart? Who would judge your performance? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s your own dog. Due to high sensitivity for sound, the canidae are known to hear things miles away. What’s a bloody symphony for it? If your dog disapproves of your tune, then you know the people’s verdict beforehand.

Pricked up ears- Yes it’s all ears for you

Now it’s proven, so how is this beneficial for you? If you are a lonesome fellow, and you are miserable about it, then you have somebody to talk to. Your solitude will not be overbearing to it. At the same time you will not feel overwhelmed in times of grief. Speak out so that you can let go of all the bottled up emotions.

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Okay, what’s next?

We admit it, the dogs are intelligent. No wonder the Alsatians and the Labradors are the top choice for police dogs. Even Bomb Squads can employ them. They are simply controlled by verbal orders. There have even been instances where dogs have saved lives of their owners – especially in case of patients with heart ailments. It clearly proves the dog is a social animal and loves human company.  Now people in countries like the US, Canada and the UK are employing dogs in Baby Day Care, Workplaces and Elementary schools. More ways are being researched to make full use of the wonderful intelligence of the dogs. Wonder if they could become good shrinks too.

Training makes all the difference

Even if your dog has brilliant aptitude, that alone cannot make it the best in business. What if the dog next door is smarter than yours?  All across the globe there are a lot of dog shows which show a lot of well-trained dogs. Then why don’t you get your dog trained too? A year’s training could yield brilliant results. An obedient dog could make a wonderful partner and companion.
So what are you waiting for? Speak up to your dog, if you can’t talk to your wife.