This Dog Did Something Unusual With The Fence!!

This is a perfect example as to why, candid videos are the best as you just can’t know when and what twist will you get! Take this guy for example, who was casually shooting the newly built fence in his yard. He spent one hell of a fortune for the gears he needed to fix it along with spending some hefty time getting it all correct. The result was obviously spectacular.
The guy actually had something else in his mind that he wanted the fence for.
The primary motive of the fence was to keep his dog inside the yard, restricting it from jumping outside, as he specifies in the video. But just as he was shooting and flaunting his work of art, something unexpected and unusual happened.
The dog was there watching the guy shooting the video when it planned to teach this guy a lesson for trying to keep it restricted. Wait till the end to find out what the dog actually did! Intelligent character indeed!
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