Dog Rescue Mission Reveals Cruelty On Animals

Tony was rescued from an isolated place in India. The despicable condition he was found in still brings tears to my eyes. In fact, I wonder how badly can they treat a dog. Tony was lucky to make it alive. The Dog Rescue Organisation saved the dog from near death. I still shiver when I see the cuts and mutilations he had received.

Dog Rescue
Saving The Dog

How The Dog Rescue Turned Out To Be

Well, there’s not much info on how Tony got into such a condition, but when he was collected by the Dog Rescue team, there were deep cuts on his face. His leg was severed. Even his body was bruised in many places. The cut was so deep that the bones underneath were on display. If timely medical aid was not provided to the canine, he would have died for sure. So what was to be done?

Dog Rescue
Tony After The Operation

Dr. Antonella, a vet surgeon and a part of the Animal Aid Unlimited’s sanctuary, operated upon it closing all its wounds. Slowly but surely, Tony’s wounds started to heal. Within a month after he was found. He is now fully recovered and lives in the sanctuary. Now he is a healthy dog and has made a lot of friends. Since his recovery, he has made friends with everybody in the sanctuary and has become the cynosure of everybody’s love.

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