Dog Lovers Will Be Shocked To Know Alexs' Story

Dogs are highly loved creatures and there is barely any man who would actually have an aversion towards these awesome living beings. Dogs around the world come in numerous breeds and we actually love the awesome snaps from the various social media channels of dog lovers. Cut to the streets in New Orleans. Dog lovers were shocked to find Alex, a dog of the Weinwaner breed barely in his bones. This dog looked almost as if he is set to die and not much was known as to how he got so malnourished. We were shocked to see that Alex had been wandering the streets for so long.

Dog Lovers Come Together For Alex

Malnourished alex - Dog lovers
Malnourished alex

After a successful surgery and some ample calorie punching, Alex is a success story and recovered being after a few dog lovers intervened. The story began when Alex was first taken off the stressed by the workers from animal control. The best part about this story of survival is that the staff who reached the streets from Southern Animal Foundation knew that unless they interfered—Alex would be mercy killed.