Dog Food Including Fruits And Vegetables Is Better

Fruits and vegetables are healthy not only for humans but for animals as well and should be included in the dog food. You cannot forget your pet dog behind when it comes to savouring the goodness of nutritious fruits and vegetables. If you always thought that dogs love all things meaty then think over again! Here we give you 12 fruits and vegetables that are healthy and tasty for dogs.

1. Apples For Dog food

Dog food - dogs eating apples
Dogs eating apples

Make sure you scoop out the core as seeds are harmful for dogs. An excellent source of fibre, antioxidants, vitamin A and, apples are great immunity booster for dogs. Plus, dogs love sweet apples.

2. Bananas For Dogs

Dog food - Dog eating banana
Dog eating banana

Bananas are a storehouse of vitamin C and potassium. Feed an inch of a banana daily to your dog to regulate enzyme function and fluid balance in the body. Bananas are also good for nerves and muscles.

3. Watermelon For Dogs

Dog food - Dog eating watermelon
Dog eating watermelon

Filled with vitamin A and C and beta-carotene, watermelons are great for your dog’s immune system. Watermelons can be a treat for your dog on a hot sunny day as they are filled with water and help in keeping the body hydrated.

4. Spinach For Dogs

Dog Food - Dog Looking At Spinach
Dog Looking At Spinach

Spinach provides iron and calcium to dogs which help in maintaining healthy bones. Spinach also contains anti inflammatory properties.

5. Blueberries For Dog Food

Dog food - Blueberries

Blueberries are largely marketed as commercial dog food as they are as healthy for dogs as for humans. Dogs simply love their taste but yes, do not give them too much of it.

6. Carrots For Dog Food

Dog food - Dog having Carrot
Dog having Carrot

Carrots are wonderful treats for dogs as they simply love to munch on them. Carrots help to keep the teeth naturally white and polished. Rich in beta carotene, carrots give a nice shine to your dog’s coat. Plus, carrots contain antioxidants and protect against cancer and fights off aging as well.

7. Parsley For Dogs

Dog Food - Parsley

Feed parsley leaves to your dog if he suffers from bad breath. An excellent source of potassium, calcium and beta carotene, chopped parsley can be a great seasoning for your dog’s favorite food.

8. Green Beans For Dogs

Dog food - Dog Eating Green Beans
Dog Eating Green Beans

If you have a heavy-weight dog then help him shed some extra pounds y giving him green beans that are a great low calorie snack option.

9. Pears For Dog Food

Dog food - Pear

Treat your dog to an occasional sweet treat by giving him juicy ripe pears. Yes, but don’t forget to deseed it.

10. Peas For Dogs

Dog Food - Dog Having Peas
Dog Having Peas

Peas are rich in thiamine, potassium and vitamin B and also low in calorie count. You can sprinkle some peas over your dog’s dinner and see him relish the delight in no time at all.

11. Pumpkin For Dogs

Dog Food - Dog With Pumpkins
Dog With Pumpkins

If you want to nourish your dog with beta carotene and fibre then give him cooked pumpkin. It provides a host of health benefits to dogs keeping the gut remain healthy and prevents diarrhea and constipation too. You can opt for adding a spoonful of mashed pumpkin to your dog’s dinner recipe or to his cookie batter and help maintain regular bowels.

12. Sweet Potato For Dogs

Dog Food - Dog Having sweet potato
Dog Having sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can be a regular staple for dogs either in baked or boiled forms. Rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and amino acids, sweet potatoes are simply loved by every dog.
So, the next time you go grocery shopping, you better buy these healthy treats for your dog and help him keep healthy in the most delicious way.