Do You Think Success Is Killing You?

One hears very often the statement “Success gets in your head”. Is there any truth behind the statement?? Well the honest way to look at it is to see some people who really display signs of success getting into their head. The symptoms are so severe sometimes that it almost kills them. Are you successful?? Do you think that success is killing you??

Success quote

Experience shows that success is something very difficult to handle. If not handled correctly it can actually kill you. When you become successful, chances are you might also become arrogant. You might find it difficult to control your emotions logically.
What basically happens is that you get a feeling that you’ve broken all the barriers and reached the impossible. Virtually, the unattainable! It’s like making summit, reaching the peak and pushing in a flag at the summit that says you have made it to the top. You know you’re one of the few who have made it to this peak of success. You feel elated beyond words.

The Peak of Success

Peak of success
Man at peak

For the majority every little battle won spurs us on to the many other smaller peaks we need to reach in our daily life. When you reach that large peak called success, you lose the pleasure of winning all the smaller battles, as you peaked the largest one of them all. When you reach the peak of success, you ask yourself, “What more is there?” “Is there anything else as thrilling yet to be achieved?”

When Stress and Loneliness Weighs You Down

Money and success can give stress
Stressed man

When you reach success, you’re likely to feel a loss in the sense of fulfillment. Things won’t seem as exciting any more. You begin to lose a sense of feeling high because smaller success doesn’t seem to matter that much. Stress begins to weigh you down and a sense of loneliness seems to enter your mind. Finally, the rainbow of success seems to lose its colors.
The very happiness associated with working towards something difficult, of pushing yourself to reach a tough destination begins to look dull. We often tell ourselves that we’ll be a whole lot happier when we do this, reach that, own that and so on. Until you’re in that stage in life where things look spicy, full of flavors and the pulse is always racing, egging you on towards your target.

Have a Plan of Action

Step by step success
Step by step

The task can be made a whole lot simpler if you have a definite plan of action before you. But the higher you go, further on is what seems most attractive. What you have reached doesn’t hold you enthralled in its arms. This is because you think the next move is what will await you with open arms.
However, there are ways to mitigate all these feelings. One is, being alive to what would make life better for others. Think, how you can make the world a better place with your skills, your talents and your ability. Also, how you can make someone else smile. If you’re unable to do that, remember that success is most likely to kill you.

The Joy of Giving Happiness to Others

Success- Joy of giving happiness to others
Joy of giving to others

There are many of you who might think of success to be the ultimate objective in life. This is what makes it a killing factor. To destroy the truths behind that statement create newer goals that involve people around you. Do things that make them happy. After you have attained success in your life, if you can work towards helping people achieve the same in theirs gives greater joy. There is no greater joy than making others smile and assisting them in small things that gives them a reason to smile. Don’t let success kill you but use it to help others attain it.
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