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Oru Amma Saapadu (One Amma Meal)

We have heard for long about raw rice and dal being offered at subsidized rates to certain sections of people, but the Government of Tamil Nadu is a little unique in its thought of offering breakfast and meals at a very subsidized rates. You can go to any of the places in Chennai and you would definitely spot an Amma Canteen where you can get curd rice for Rs.3 and sambhar rice for Rs. 5. The scheme had also inspired Odisha Government in starting Ahar Yojana.
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Going To A Temple In Tamil Nadu? Don’t Wear  T-Shirts

The Tamil Nadu Government was forced to implement dress code in Temples from 1st Jan 2016 as the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court had prescribed pyjamas or shirt with trousers for men visiting temples. Women visiting temples cannot wear leggings, jeans, skirts and miniskirts. Men can’t wear lungi, shorts or Bermuda shorts. Visitors can’t wear T-shirts either. However this order got mixed responses from citizens. Some people were against the dress code but many of the devotees are welcoming the decision as it preserves our culture. Already many temples in Tamil Nadu will allow male devotees with bare chest only.
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Phased Liquor Ban In Kerela :

The government of Kerala is marching very swiftly towards its goal of making the state Liqour Free. Don’t think that they are offering liquor free of cost… They are in their mission to abolish liqour completely. And now they got support from The Supreme Court of India. The bench not only ruled out a petition filed by the hoteliers but also supported the decision of the state Government and commented that the measures are for common good of the public. The judgment may cheer governments in other states including Nitish Kumar government in Bihar, which announced that liquor sales would be banned from April 1.
We all should welcome the Kerala Governments liquor policy as alcohol is the major contributor in crime and motor accidents all over the country. If kerala can, all others can definitely implement this because Kerala rcords the highest per capita liqour consumption in the country and accounts for 14.9% of India’s total liquor consumption. The state’s people consume liquor worth Rs 30 crores a day.
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Water Taxi’s In Amaravati :

You might have enjoyed ferry rides in water in many places of the country, but ever heard of water taxis ? They also serve water rides not only for the sole purpose of sightseeing but also for daily commuting. This is under ideation in the new Capital city of Andhra Pradesh i.e. Amaravati, the second greenfield city being developed in the 21st Century. Amaravati is going to have a minimum water front of 25km and the concept of water taxis is being introduced for commuters. This also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. But we have to wait for some more years to have this unique ride as the city itself is in the construction phase at present.
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What Is Real Education???

In-spite of a large requirement of manpower in all sectors of development including crucial sectors such as textile, manufacturing, construction IT/ITES etc., why are so many educated youth unemployed? Ever thought of that ! The main reason is the huge mismatch between the skills required by the industry and the skills possessed by the EDUCATED youth. It is very clear that the current education is not providing the required skills. So we call it CURRICULUM but not education. India’s first skills University is being planned by the Government of Maharashtra in Nagpur. It was different from the present vocational colleges and is modelled on community colleges of the US. The university promises employment to 5 lakh youth each year.
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National Security : The Need Of The Hour

The Government of Maharashtra is also setting up a Security University in Nagpur. This would be the first in India but also third in the World after US and Israel. The university was planned in the lines of the National Defence University of the US. Though the syllabus and admission criteria are not yet decided, the students would be trained with counter terrorism mechanisms and other security issues including cyber crimes.The members of the faculty in Nagpur would be trained from the US university. Until now we heard about military training, but now we would be hearing about Military Education. Hope this security University secures us.

hat tossing ceremony at graduation
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Minister Sacked On Live TV :

The Chief Minister of Delhi performed a rare and unique feat by sacking one of his Ministers on live TV on charges of corruption. An inquiry was also ordered on the Minister Ahmed Khan who was looking after the portfolio of Food and Environment. Though the act was dismissed as a publicity stunt by the opposition parties, it definitely marks a precedent in today’s electoral politics.
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