Unveiling The Mystery – The Curse Of The Oak Island.

Oak Island is a small island to the south of Nova Scotia, Canada. Being one of 360 small islands in the region, it is fully covered with trees and has as much as two permanent houses built on its land. The ownership of the island keeps on changing, and there is a reason behind it, a reason that has inspired various researchers and treasure seekers to pack their bags and reach this place.


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Due to the discovery of various artifacts on Oak island, it seems that the island was inhabited by someone a long time ago. But the story doesn’t finish here. Speculations were laid down that the island is a protector of something that is of crucial importance and that the island is protected by traps of various sorts, and even a curse; subject to the various natural calamities that occur in this place just when archaeologists and other excavators try to dig up the place.

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This all began when a 18 year old lad, Daniel McGinnis, back in 1795, discovered a huge circular pit on one of the corners of the island. To his amazement, he also found a tackle block nearby, and inferred that the area has been dug sometime in the past. The lad, along with a couple of friends started digging the place and were utterly shocked on finding layers of flagstones and logs of wood after every few feet, which gave rise to years of extensive research and excavation in that crate.

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The pit started being known as the Money Pit, as people started expecting riches out of that hole. Companies from all over the world stated bidding for the excavation and tried acquiring the Oak islands. And the thing that added to the mystery was the discovery of a stone with something inscribed on it, which the researchers have translated to be the road to riches. Other than this, coins, parchments, brooches, etc. were found in the pit. But the pit had something else waiting for the excavators.

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The rumor of the island being cursed started spreading when there was hindrance to the excavation processes. The hindrance was not of any human form, but in the form of natural disasters and deaths. Flood remains the most common reason as to companies had to stop digging the place. Other than this, shafts and other instruments being used in the process of excavation started breaking all of a sudden. Deaths started happening when one of the boilers exploded. Another death occurred with a worker falling into the pit, while in 1965; poisonous fumes started raising from the bottom of the pit which killed another four of these workers.

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So far, 6 deaths have been recorded in the place with the exact description of what will be found under the pit being unknown. There have been various theories given on the probable discovery, which lay as follows.

  • Some believe that there is a treasure deep down the pit laid down by the pirate Captain Kidd, or Edward Teach. It is believed that Kidd once said that his fortune lies in a place where none other than Satan and himself can dig.
  • Some also believe that in digging the pit, they can find the original manuscripts of William Shakespeare, and the truth of his identity could be revealed through these scripts. It is believed that the works of Shakespeare were actually written by Francis Bacon, an essayist.


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  • It is also believed by many that the pit contains the jewels of Marie Antoinette. It is evident that the jewels have been missing for a very long time now.
  • Another famous theory is that Illuminati is behind the Money Pit. It is believed that many Freemasons have tried digging up the place that actually had the knowledge of what they could find deep under the pit.


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  • Despite of numerous other unmentionable theories, many believe that regardless of the depths the digging goes to, there is nothing to be found in the pit. All the signs and symbols are just natural things and there is no curse laid down on it.

Treasure or no treasure, curse or no curse, these answers cannot be given as of this moment. But it is assured that whatever is there deep inside those pits, it will amaze the whole world after being found. Nevertheless, the Oak Island has been a source of inspiration for many authors, diggers, treasure hunters, excavators, producers, directors and video game developers. The area has been featured in a few games, along with the famous TV show, “The Curse of the Oak Island” being on the subject line of digging of this place.