Do You Delay All Your Work ? Here Is How We Can Help You Overcome Procrastination!!

Aren’t you that lazy kid who spends most of his time not knowing, why checking the Facebook app on your phone is so important. Do you not regret delaying all your work ?? If you want to break out of the horrific pattern of procrastinating, then my friends we might have the solution for you right here. So just scroll down without a delay you lazy chap !

1. Learn to Manage Your Time

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It is not that difficult ! Not if you change your approach and start to value time for instance. In today’s world time is money, you just cannot simply go around wasting this currency as the clock ticks during the day. You must start your day, be aware that you have some important things on the desk and make sure you complete them. (Formula for success it is)

2.  Change your perspective

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Instead of going about your day complaining or underestimating yourself you should begin with changing your perspective of things. Life can be hard at times, but quitting and sitting on the couch does not help either. So hop on your driving seat and get those things moving. This approach will take you miles away.

3. Commit to getting work done

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Fasten your seat belts dudes and just keep checking your life goals calendar. Remember if you want to change the things you have to first change yourself. If you commit to getting tasks accomplished your subconscious mind will somehow back up your plan and you will end up doing much more than you thought you could. (Yes commitment to things can change your life !)

4. Find a good place in the company of ambitious productive people

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So you have been hanging around with we would say similar minded people who share the same mental illness as yours (not knowing what to do with life with all sorts of unambitious beliefs). Have you realized if you change your company and hang out with more productive and smart people, you will end up picking their habits !

5. Have a Realistic Approach

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If you start with small activities and change your attitude towards work, we mean for you to achieve all this gradually. You do not have to plan the whole week and try to overburden yourself. Just consider doing work in small bits and be realistic about setting time specific goals

6. Give yourself that positive self talk !!

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Well have you not seen your favorite actors in Hollywood biggies giving them that weird self talks ?? (Yea you have to do just that !! ) Studies have found that people who talk to themselves are better in handling stress and do much more than other people. It would be nice if you remain optimistic, self motivation is always the best tool to ace the art of not delaying your work.

7. Avoid wasting time on unimportant activities

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We do not intend to tell you that you cut on your time when you have fun or hang out with colleagues (that is necessary too) But you have to observe yourself and eliminate all those time jarring activities that do not serve you (such as watching TV show re-runs, eating and then going to sleep for the unplanned day etc etc.) Just save time, you have one life, do great things !!

8. Take One Step at a time

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Committing to your work is a very good thing, but you do not have to go about taking all the assignments at the same time. Just start in small bits and take the first step. You will realize just by initiating things you will learn and end up efficiently doing all the things. Wow you never knew things could be that simple ??

9. Stop Day Dreaming!!

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Yea, just stop. Maybe for a little while it seems like to be the best way of spending time but it isn’t. If this hampers you from doing the other kinds of meaningful activities. Then you know that you are a daydreamer and in the long run it won’t help you much either !

10. Prepare for the hurdle race, that is life !

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Let’s accept the fact, life is a fast paced journey, which requires you to go about taking care of so many things like completing your job. The sitting idle is a thing of the stone age, it does not help. But hey you can always have fun on the way ! You do not have to be dull just focus a little more on becoming skilled at handling your responsibilities.

11.  Do not deny the fact that you might need some peer support

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You do not have to stress out at being a procrastinator. Maybe you cannot convince yourself to stop that habit of yours to begin with, right ?? (yepp) Ask you friends to remind you and point it out to you the moment when you delay some important assignment of yours. If others are aware about your condition then you will be conscious too. Trust us when we say it works.

12. Once in a while, reward yourself for being a productive chap

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You do not have to just robotically do all the things and feel bad about not having got enough results in the beginning. So every time you break the lazy pattern and complete some of your tasks and things, consider giving yourself a treat. (Just order yourself a pizza, go out to your favorite cafe, or just play some games on your Xbox) You will feel better and will also get motivated to do the same in the future.

13. Plan and Organize Effectively

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It might sound a little old fashioned to you, but you know even in this fast paced modern world, the organize and plan tactics work pretty well. You might not do it from the beginning but when you achieve the smaller goals you can start to organize yourself and aim for the bigger long term plans. Do not underestimate yourself because you will manage in the end.

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These were the simple yet effective tricks which will help you overcome procrastination in no time so that you can be at the top of your game (maybe some people will envy you, but that is fine). If you like our meaningful inputs, let us know in the comments section but do not forget to share and keep visiting our website for more meaningful content. Till then have a great day ! and get to work. ( haha kidding )