Do You Care About Your Mental Wellness? If So Then Start Avoiding These 7 Foods!

The world is changing with every passing second. Just like the entropy of the world is increasing by the passing time, the technology is following the same pace. And this advancement is also being seen in food technology. There were times when our eating habits were extremely different than what we have today. In the present era, with super foods being devised every day, there are a whole lot of other foods one needs to mark a distance with in order to protect his mental health.



Mental Health: Sugar
Sugar is not as healthy as it seems

Most of the people out there are huge fans of sugar but just a small population is equipped with the fact that sugar is not as healthy as it seems. Excessive intake can undoubtedly increase your weight but there is much more than that. Consuming more than specified amount of sugar can invite neurological problems and can even result in affecting your memory. Thus any food high in fructose content must be ignored.


Coffee is a stimulant for many. The caffeine content in this addictive drink help people wake up every morning, but did you know that coffee can be harmful for your mental health? Many people consume coffee or other forms of caffeine in order to cope up with depression, but as a matter of fact, they are closing in on a panic attack by doing so!