DIY Valentine's Day Cards Ideas

Hey! Hey! Love is in the air, isn’t it? Well well Valentine’s Day is coming and I am so sure that all the love birds are kinda sitting confused, thinking what to gift, what special to do this valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day is surely meant to surprise the one you love and spending money is the biggest task when we plan up our valentine’s day.
But I feel it’s not always that the expensive gifts work best. Sometimes getting creative with Valentine’s Day gifts, cards and those love messages is something that is indeed priceless.
So why don’t we go creative this Valentine’s and make some beautiful innovative cards which are so simple to make but they surely express a lot.

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Card 1 # LOVE IS IN THE AIR# Heart air balloons#

What do you need?

1. Three colored sheets (White, pink and red)
2. A folded card (Use any plain sheet, might be a chart paper) ( I used blue)
3. Scissors
4. A black fine liner pen
5. Glue
6. Double tape

How to go about it?

1. Just cut out two hearts, one red and one pink out of the two sheets respectively.
2. Cut out two small clouds out of the white sheet.
3. Place small squares of double tape behind the hearts to add dimension to it and place them on left and right side. (One on each side).
4. Once the hearts are placed, put the white clouds along with the hearts just like wings using glue.
5. Now use the black fine liner pen to draw the portion below the balloon as shown in the video, you can make stars/bows to decorate.
6. Write whatever you want once you are done with the pasting and drawing work, like XOXO or I love you to complete.

Card 2 # Our hearts make us we# Double heart card#

What do you need?

1. Folded card
2. Decorative sheet (You can use any color)
3. Heart shaped stencils of different sizes (Any two sizes)
4. A pencil
5. Scissors
6. Glue

How to go about it?

1. Cut different sizes of hearts using heart shaped stencils, from the decorated sheets. (Two different sized hearts, each of different color)
2. Cut out the hearts accordingly, as shown in the video to avoid the mistakes.
3. Paste the bigger heart using double tape and smaller one in between the bigger heart i.e empty space, as shown in the video, using glue.
4. You can keep it simple and plain or you can add quotes/messages on the card using colored pens.

P.S – Make this Valentine’s Day really special for your special someone with these easy to make DIY valentine’s day cards and make them smile.