Disneyland Made Her Vomit 50 Times And The Reason Will Shock You!!

The efforts of diagnosing the problem did bring Mia’s problem to rest only until when they visited Disneyland where the problem rose to the surface again. Sarah informs, “You could see the excitement on their faces, but we hadn’t even got off the Eurostar when Mia started vomiting.” The scene was embarrassing for Mia as she wanted to witness whole of the Disneyland but could manage getting on just one ride. She even had to skip meeting the Disney Princesses, whom she actually wanted to meet madly.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: Disneyland
Family in Disneyland

Sarah also informs that she had to hire a buggy to wheel Mia around as she had grew extremely weak after the first vomit. Michael, her brother, had loads full of energy but Mia couldn’t just cope up because of her condition.
After this Disneyland incident, Sarah realized that even the slightest of excitement would make Mia sick. This is why, the episodes came crawling back while Mia was waiting for her birthday.
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: Birthday
Mia got sick because she was excited for her birthday

Doctors were of the view that the problem was occurring because of Mia’s heart condition which she was born with. They later found out that the heart condition was totally unrelated to the problem she was suffering from. This heart condition made the detection of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome even more difficult.