Disneyland Made Her Vomit 50 Times And The Reason Will Shock You!!

Who even likes throwing up? This is why, throwing up after binge drinking is usually frowned upon. But this 11-year old schoolgirl seems to have been suffering from a serious problem that makes her vomit over and over. And believe us, the scenario is just not healthy.
Mia Gleeson, a resident of Feltham, Middlesex, was suffering from an undiagnosed condition for years without even knowing about it. The symptoms were right on the surface but doctors were baffled as to why is she getting sick all of a sudden without any reason. Later did everyone realize that the problem was a severe one with no diagnose or cure whatsoever.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: Mia Gleeson
Mia Gleeson – The sufferer

Sarah, the mother told that she had given news of them visiting Disneyland, which evidently made Mia ill. Sarah was utterly shocked as to how can a news make someone this ill. After some time, she realized that the reason of Mia feeling like vomiting was because of over-anxiety and anxiousness. She was finally diagnosed with a problem called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS).