Did You Know That The First Recorded Use Of The Condom Was By The Egyptians

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If you are one of those who think that pyramids are the only thing that was ancient Egyptian’s contribution to mankind, then you are probably wrong. Well then how have they made a difference to our lives, the answer lies when you look a little closer. Here are everyday things that you use which are Egyptian’s gift to mankind.

1. Toothpaste

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Imagine how awful your mornings would be without this ever savaging remedy for cleaning teeth and fresh breath. The ancient Egyptians used to have a powder made up of egg shells, myrrh, pumice and oxen hooves. The world’s first toothpaste was discovered by a Vietnamese museum (crushed rock salt,mint, dried iris flower and pepper). Dentist believe the old invention was as effective in fighting gum diseases as the modern toothpaste.

2. Calendars

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Imagine what would have happened to the world if we did not have a standard parameter to measure our schedules in months, years or even days. The ancient Egyptians did actually make use of a full 365 days calendar as an aid to farming (by studying the position of Sirius Star). The calendar was helpful in keeping a records of flood originating out of river Nile. (Thank God to them, you don’t wonder why we have different seasons and different phases across the year !)

3. Clocks

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This is one classy, suave and essential invention of the ancient Egyptian era. They could not have used smartphones or tablets to keep a watch on the time but at least they gave us a great system of keeping a measure of time. Where would we be without keeping a check on time. (probably in a bizarre non productive human era ! Thank Goodness it is not true)

4. Door Lock

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If it were not for those door locks (imagine the chaos, Pammi aunty walks into your living room anytime she wants and we would also have had some major safety concerns). The oldest door locks known to mankind were found 4000 years ago, a utility used in the palaces of the elites and the kings of that time. The locks were also fully made up of metal.

5. Mints

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You cannot just imagine a fully functional day if it were not for the mints (imagine having a bad coffee breath before your date !!!) The Egyptians even back in that age were very cautious about their dental health and daily oral hygiene. The world’s first mint was like a white egg shaped pellet used by the egyptians.

6. Condoms

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Really ?? Oh yes, condoms are one of the most effective methods of contraception and also prevent spreading of various STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). The Egyptians did not use them for birth control but it was more of a medium for hygiene and it were mostly wore by the elite and privileged. The modern design of Condoms is very well borrowed from the Egyptians !

7. Mathematics

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Okay, Wait what ???? (now you know whom to curse for you having bad grades at school. such a pain). But we would like to tell you if it were not for maths we would not have done anything worthwhile ( don’t you love your PC’s smartphones and the home your live in ). Maths provides base for some major calculations and even for our financial wisdom. Egyptians were smart, they used mathematical equations to develop buildings and monuments and for the food supply distribution management. ( trust us when we say these are worthwhile contributions.)

8. Eyeliner

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Forget Loreal or Maybelline, it was the ancient egyptians who came up with the actual concept of eye liner (and they were pretty good at its application and design too !) Nowadays a woman cannot even imagine her life going out without wearing this major beauty enhancing aid (using coal and other oxides). The black rimmed eyes thus were the “Egyptian Trademark” of beautification.

9. Shaving

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If women have the eyeliner to thanks Egyptians for, men can well rest in the fact that the classic clean shaven look is only a possibility. Thanks to Egyptians for inventing blades and setting a custom for shaving and related hygiene. Facial hair were considered a taboo for the ancient Egyptians and they even used to cover their heads to prevent from any hair to be seen. Shaving was also very common to their kind and they used the traditional blades for it.

10.  Written Language

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Thanks to modern advancements we can write on paper, notepads and even on our computer systems. The first known usage of written language traces back to the ancient Egyptian era. They used different signs and symbols to convey meaning through their own language. Imagine were would the human race be without communication and education, all by products of written language.

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It was a list worthy of sharing, just imagine if it were not for the genius of ancient Egyptians where would our human civilization be. Do spare your valuable time and give your opinions about your favorite Egyptian inventions, don’t forget to share. Keep visiting storiesofworld.com for more.