Did You Know Sleeping On Your Left Could Also Help You Reduce Snoring? Click To Know More!!

Are you also in a dilemma like most of other people as to which side should you sleep on? A few people sleep on their left, a few on their right, while the others, who usually have gone commando, prefer sleeping straight or face down. But what if we tell you there is a scientific explanation and a best way in which you should sleep. Hold your sleep as the scientific reasons unfold and the best way in which you should sleep is told to you.
There have been two debates that have been going on since ages, one being which side of your face clicks the best selfie, and the other, a bit more serious. This debate is the best side on which, one should sleep on in order to attain maximum health benefits. Scientists have been rigorous in the research of this clause and have been able to prove that sleeping on your left side is far more beneficial than that on the right side. Here are a few reasons to support the hypothesis.

1. Improved Digestion

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Sleeping on your left might add up to the efforts you make to digest your food. It has been proved that sleeping on your left eases up the process of passage of food waste from small intestine to large intestine, which evidently helps in an enhanced and improved digestion.

2. Relieve from Heartburns

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This is a classic reason as to why people prefer sleeping on the left side. Scientists say that after one has a spicy meal, if he sleeps on his right, the raging fluid might rush up to the esophagus causing heartburns. Hence they recommend everyone to sleep on their left. Moreover, even if you are already feeling heartburns, sleeping on right might add up to the misery.

3. Better Spleen Health

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Scientists say that sleeping on your left can enhance the functioning of spleen, whose main purpose is to hold a reserve of blood and get rid of old red blood cells. Spleen also helps in maintaining immunity, and hence, sleeping on your left can lead to a better immune system.

4. Improved Lymphatic System

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The lymph nodes also play a major role in improvising the immunity of a system, but one usually ignores them. The left side of our body has been deemed to be the dominant side for our lymphatic nodes situated in the neck and armpit areas, and hence, it is recommended to sleep on your left for the added benefits.

5. Better Circulation of Blood

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Varicose veins can be a serious issue for a normal human being, and sleeping on the left can help in its prevention. The doctors say that sleeping on your left lessens the burden on vena cava (the largest vein in body), and hence leads to a better circulatory system.

6. Takes the Burden off the Heart

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Our heart is a perpetual machine and doesn’t stop working even while we sleep. But at times, it also needs some rest, and this can be done by sleeping on your left. It is said that the lymph drainage towards the heart gets affected by gravity while we sleep on the left, enabling the heart to put less pressure for pumping, and hence allowing it to rest for some time.

7. Better Blood Flow To Fetus

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Bearing a child is a special feeling altogether. Extra care needs to be done for this unborn child and sleeping on your left can simply help you for the same. When pregnant, sleeping on left can help in an improved blood supply to the heart, and various organs, both for the mother as well as the child.

8. Reduction in Snoring

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Snoring is usually the result of obstructive sleep apnea that is the temporary obstruction of air passage during sleeping. Researchers say that this obstruction can be prevented many fold simply be sleeping on your left.
These points do prove that sleeping on your left is far more beneficial than any other method of sleeping. So even if you prefer going commando while sleeping, don’t forget to twist your body towards your left and have a good night’s sleep, only to wake up in the morning feeling fresher than ever!