Did You Believe Your Teachers? You Won't After Reading This!!

For students, teachers are source of ultimate information. They tend to be the source of each and every clarification that a student requires in his infancy. But teachers don’t know everything. Regardless of the amount of time they invest in studying, they just can’t become super computers, and hence depend on lies at times when students ask them some weird question. At other points of time, teachers just have to follow the curriculum, which is far way from the fact at many levels. A few of these instances are mentioned below.
10. Apple fell on Newton’s head which gave him an idea to discover gravity

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Facts get molded in order to form a story that students could enjoy. Similarly, the story of discovery of gravity has been perfected since ages, and the apple which fell from the tree in front of Newton has been altered to have hit him on his head. Anyway, it took Newton about two decades to develop the whole theory of gravitation.
9. Space lacks gravitational pull

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Hah! That’s a good one. Gravity is present everywhere, whether in space or on Earth. Sir Issac Newton didn’t study the falling apple for nothing. Normal space-crafts orbit at about 250 mils above the Earth’s surface, where gravity due to the Earth’s surface can be felt though to a smaller extent. The reason everything is under a condition of free-fall is another theory. Moreover, if there would have been no gravity in space then the moon would not have been stick to its orbit.
8. We use just 10% of our brain

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This is one of those myths that has been told to us ever since ages. According to the famous folklore, normal human beings use just 10% of their brains while the great Albert Einstein was able to make use of a larger proportion. Bursting this myth, it can be stated that we use almost every portion of our brain. This fact has been proved scientifically as well as theoretically.
7. America and the fact, Earth is round, were discovered by Columbus

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Everyone knows the story behind the discovery of America, West Indies, the fact that Earth is round, and Columbus’ travel to search for India. Everyone believes these stories as well, but the real fact is Columbus was not the first one to give the theory of spherical Earth. The fact of Earth not being flat had surfaced thousands of years before Columbus was even born. In fact, Columbus miscalculated his journey, his route, and the size of Earth. It was just his day when he landed up in America.
6. Formation of diamond from coal

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The beginning of the so-called hardest known material to mankind has a scrutinized story which being its formation from coal. Though diamond is an allotrope of Carbon, but this doesn’t mean diamond is obtained from coal. As a matter of fact, it has been proved that Carbon, which got trapped inside the Earth’s surface during its formation, got transformed into diamond, and the coal that we obtain is from the decomposed plants.
5. Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb

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We have been living a life of mystery believing that Edison was behind the discovery of the incandescent lamp. If the true story is believed then it can be said that work on incandescent lamp has been done by many people before Edison. As a matter of fact, Edison just bought the patent of the lamp which was actually invented by Heinrich Göbel.
4. Chameleons change color to camouflage

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The story behind the changing colors of chameleon has also been altered. It is said that these lizards change color to mix up with the surroundings and prevent themselves from being seen but as a matter of fact, the change in pigmentation of chameleon’s surface is an indication of threat to the fellow beings. The color alteration is even used to depict mating behavior, or to adjust as per the climate as chameleons already know that dark absorbs more heat.
3. Different parts of tongue detect different tastes

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As per the popular belief, the taste buds on our tongue are spread in a manner that different part of the tongue detect different tastes but if we believe the scientific researches then it can be said that the whole of the tongue has the capability to detect variable tastes regardless of the position. There is a protein on the tongue that detects sour taste and indicates our brain that the food is rotten.
2. De-oxygenated blood is blue

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Look at your arm! Do you see those blue veins running from the back of your wrist? Just because they appear to be blue in color, and just because text books show de-oxygenated blood as blue doesn’t mean that this impure blood is actually blue. The blue color appears just due to variation in the perception of colors by our eyes. The continuous refraction of light makes the vein appear blue, though the material inside it is actually red.
1. Chimpanzees are our ancestors

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Believed by many but proved by none, this “fact” is present in almost all the text books. The real story is a bit sidelined than the text book story. Though chimps and humans share the same ancestors but the lineages of the two species are totally different, which took millions of years of evolution to reach the present stage.