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It seems that Modi was able to impress everyone to vote for his party with all the promises he made in his manifesto. The development of Gujarat added to the coziness of him getting the majority seats and breaking records in the history of politics. And to his benefit, and in fact, to the party’s benefit, people stopped talking about the Godhra riots. After all, who would care about a few people getting killed over an “unbiased” Prime Minister? This is India after all.

Black Money

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Modi promised bringing back black money into the nation. Though many Modi supporters might say that it is too soon to infer anything, they should also know that about 20% of Modi’s tenure has got over, and the people still await some serious improvement in this regard. Modi promised that he will credit the illegal black money into the accounts of the residents of the largest democracy of the world, but we haven’t yet received a message from our bank saying, “Your account has been credited with Rs. 1,00,00,000, courtesy of Modi’s Anti Black Money campaign or the Swachh Swiss Bank campaign.”


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Though the BJP government boasts of campaigns like “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and stuff like that, but they do forget to fulfill the basic needs of the people of the nation. Inflation has risen to unprecedented heights, due to which, people are not able to afford their daily requirements. Inflation has knocked on for each sector, whether it be food, consumer products, etc.


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In order to complement the rising inflation, the taxes have also risen. Various new taxes have been introduced along with the prevalent already high taxes. In short, the government seems to be trying to fill its treasure in the name of development. Swachh Bharat cess is one such example which has made everything more expensive to purchase, like the prevalent taxes weren’t enough already!

The Jammu and Kashmir case

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Modi seems to be playing a subtle and safe game in the due course of his rule. Earlier, when he belonged to the opposition party, he openly used to comment on Article 370, and the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is a part of our country, and that the government should try to acquire it back. But as they say, no one implements anything on himself despite of commenting about the same on others. Modi hasn’t provided a solid comment on Jammu and Kashmir, and nor does he seem to be in talks with Pakistan, for making Jammu and Kashmir, a part of India again. In fact, various sites have started showcasing India’s maps without POK area.

Right to equality

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There was a brief mention of eliminating weird reservations that live on face of the country and bring in a proper Right to Equality, but ever since Modi held the throne of Prime Minister, he simply seems to have forgotten his own saying. He had been reminded hundreds of times through mediums of open letters but he just seems to adamant and orthodox on the issue.

The Gujarat Imitation

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There is no doubt in stating that there has been some development in Gujarat due to Modi, but the way he promised that whole of India will see similar model being followed just got over-hyped. This is because of the stagnant growth India has seen in the past one year of Modi’s tenure. Moreover, Modi has also started focusing just on Gujarat, even after being the Prime Minister of whole of the country. Special reforms have been taken for his native state, which needs to be lightened up as India NEEDS an overall development.


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Modi promised that India will be developed in a way, no previous Prime Minister, or even the Britishers could. But he seems to be too involved in travelling to other countries that he forgot that he needs to solve internal issues before bringing in external business. Though his efforts of inviting foreign investments into the country are commendable, but they solely are not enough for an overall development.

No Special Schemes

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Our past two Prime Ministers had launched schemes like NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) by Manmohan Singh, and Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana by Vajpayee, but Modi doesn’t seem to be even close to these reforms. Even the previous leaders, prior to Vajpayee, did give some mind-boggling reform schemes. Thus, Modi does need to open up his wild cards and bring in a much awaited reform. Though the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) does run on this model, but a bigger reform is needed.

The Justice Department

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Modi seems to be missing on a lot of things that he needs to think about, the judiciary system of the country being one of them. It still takes years for a person to get justice, and at times, the verdict is not correct, due to which, the prosecutor tries in the next level of court. This all takes tens of years, which need to be fast-tracked, but due to piles of unsolved cases, the system has got slow. Modi needs to work on it in the remaining 4 years of his tenure.

The Janlokpal

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It seems that there was a huge role of the strikes and the hype of Janlokpal Bill, which led to downfall of the previous UPA government, and the rise of Modi government. But ever since Modi has held the post of Prime Minister, the discussions about Janlokpal bill seem to have diminished. So the question that arises here is if all of those strikes were just a publicity stunt staged by Modi supporters? Or was it genuine? After all, anything can happen in Indian politics.
Yes, it is correct that one year is not the correct time to judge the judgment of our Prime Minister, but nevertheless, people want reforms, and they want it right now. They have lost their patience, and have started feeling to be ruled by a colonial government even after independence. People don’t wat their favorite party to rule any more. All they want is changes, and that too for good, in the face of the nation. They want to state the fact that they are from India proudly, with a grin on their face! And Modi holds the responsibility for that now.