Did Aamir Khan’s Intolerance Stand Actually Cost Him His Incredible India Stint?

Aamir Khan’s stint as the ‘Incredible India’ brand ambassador draws to close. Speculations are rife that the ministry has pulled down the curtains due to the intolerance issue raised by the actor. Aamir’s stray comment on his wife Kiran feeling unsafe in the country amid the political hara-kiri has raised quite a few brows in the political stables. The comment has further created a stir among the hoi-polloi, who feels the actor has received a lot of adulation without any regional bias.
It all started after Akhlaq in Dadri was murdered in a mob-lynching incident by a group of Hindu youth who alleged that the man had consumed beef. After the incident, Shahrukh Khan had raised his voice against the issue. Then there was an unequivocal support from Aamir Khan over the issue. Aamir Khan has been an advocate of public issues and his concern over various public atrocities and exploitation has drawn a lot of laurels from all corners of the civilized society. Despite this his stance over the intolerance debacle has not gone down well. But is this really a vengeful move by the government?
The MoS, however, has denied any allegations on this subject. Mahesh Sharma, from the tourism ministry reveals that it is more of a contractual matter than a repercussion on the actor’s statement. McCann, the advertising agency, had a contract with the ministry, and all the obligations have been duly completed. A 2.96-crore contract, which required the actor to star in campaigns and adverts along with a film, had employed Aamir for a long period before finally letting him go in 2016.
This has been the entire gist of the fiasco. But social media posts, especially the ones from Twitter, have been spewing volatile venom over the affairs of the state. Comments from all corners of the world have transformed the whole issue into a colourful story rather than a matter of national sensibilities. India has always been plagued by many religious riots and communal mismatches. Our history books are laden with all sorts of movements which have tried to segregate the whole country on any kind of bifurcation. Be it Operation Bluestar or the Godhra riots, there has always been a lot of communal tension which has resulted in further dissent. Political parties capitalize on such public miseries and have ensured themselves of a guaranteed vote bank.
But the question of the hour is, “Is Aamir Khan really culpable in his stand or is he simply being victimized because of his public recognition?” Some have actually questioned whether he has received less praise from the public despite being a Muslim. But this is more of a racist thought process, and such demeanor would lead us back to the Dark Ages. This however, has not been a new thing. Many other celebrities have been targeted because they have voiced out their opinions. Salman Khan has always been at loggerheads with the media. Historical greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Godse and Sardar Patel too faced public brunt due to their roles in uniting India as a secular nation.
But overall, the problem is really complicated. Humanity and Religion do not hand in hand. We are the people of the 21st century and behaving like Neanderthals will jeopardize the sentiments and compassion India is known for.