Devils In Uniform : These 24 Police Officers Have Smuggled,Killed, Raped Civilians.

Police Officers may be the most honorable profession in the whole world, at par with the military. We expect the police force to be there for us when we need them. There’s no denying that the single most factor contributing to the safety of us and our loved ones if a dedicated police force.
But what happens when the same individuals who took an oath to “protect & serve ” become the very criminals they were expected to protect us from ?
These 24 police officers are now paying the price for living the dual life of Criminal/Law enforcer.

1. Louis Eppolito, The Mobster With A Badge.

This man was serving two conflicting parties at a time. One, the New York police and the other the mafia. During his time of service, this police officer used to turn a blind eye to the activities of the mafia and is reported to earn millions thanks to his dual lifestyle.

Bad cops
Bad cops