DAY 1 Odd/Even Plan – This Is What People Of Delhi Experienced …

After numerous problems and criticism, the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, was finally able to implement the Odd/Even rule in Delhi where the cars having number plates ending in an odd number would be allowed on the streets on odd days and vice versa. The method is a fool-proof method and is already running in numerous other countries (click here for checking the places where this plan was implemented and was successful), but in light of the rising pollution level in Delhi, it is the first Indian city to get it implemented. The pilot is for a span of 15 days exempting it on Sunday.

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The plan went under a lot of scrutiny when it was first discussed upon. It was totally frowned upon, especially by the opposing parties, but as they say, you need to experience something to judge it. A 2 hours trial version was to be launched on December 31, 2015, which failed terribly, and the people became much more agnostic about this being a success. But the city had something else in its mind.
Rigorous planning was done; various schemes were launched to curb the problem that Delhi was going to face after the launch of this rule. A few of them included launch of more public transport, mending the rules of this Odd Even rule and laying down some exemptions, and most importantly, making a portal for car pooling. All these efforts did sustain along with Twitter joining the campaign.
This #PollutionFreeDelhi hashtag launched by Delhi Transport was a commendable effort and allowed people to know the exact directions and the best route they needed to follow to reach there.
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Other than this, various Civil Defence volunteers came forward and used the methodology of Gandhigiri by offering the offenders, roses and a pamphlet that showed the rules of the implemented condition.
But the thing that was most overwhelming to see was the number of offenders, which merely lied in the range of 150-200, that was not even 1% of the total drivers on the road. However, the offenders did include MP of BJP, Satyapal Singh.
As the exemption didn’t lay on the Chief Minister himself, Kejriwal car pooled with some other ministers of the office to reach his workstation. Various other ministers were witnessed travelling through bikes.
The criticism was strong and many authorities mocked this rule. Some were of the view that AAP government was coming to decisions too soon, while some witty ones just got a chance to mock on the effort.
Whatever the case might be, this rule does seem to have potential and is gaining popularity among the local residents. Various celebrities also commended upon the effort. The famous artist, Vishal Dadlani remained a constant tweeter of the various happenings.
Sorabh Pant, who is known for his comedic outrages on YouTube also became a fan of the Odd/Even rule.
And how could the main personality be left behind. Kejriwal, the person behind this whole idea, also seemed to remain active on Twitter.
Along with the traffic, the pollution level recorded in the noon was also much less than the values recorded yesterday. The day’s end stats though didn’t account for much reduction in pollution, but there is a bright chance that this small change is the big leap towards revolution of pollution reduction.
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