This Cute White Lion Cub Has Unlikely New Friends. Wait Till You See Who Its Buddies Actually Are!

Not all the unions in this world are evenly matched. There are some relationships that are so unlikely that it leaves the viewers dumbfounded. In fact, many even wonder how this bond was formed in the first place. Well, you think I am kidding? If you want to be amazed then read on, pals.
2016-01-28 (14)
A rare and white lion cub has been born in a sanctuary in South Africa. Its name is Navaro. It even has a regular lion cub for its brother. Both of them are the apple of the eyes of the care takers, but the white one takes the cake because of its rare color.
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What’s strange that this lion cub has found new friends. Now you may fume what’s so peculiar about finding new friends. What if it were from another species? Not interested? What if its buddies are from a race that it preys upon? Now, I have got your attention. Yes this lion cub was spotted playing with dogs in the sanctuary. Not only this, the dogs also respond to this behavior with full gusto.
2016-01-28 (22)
At the Mary Kelly Predator Center, these things are not uncommon. The care-takers have said this is an ordinary sighting and you will see the young of every species interacting with each other in full enthusiasm. The warmth of the relationship is certainly pleasing.
This was something unusual folks. Do visit the nation of the Proteas and have a look at the miraculous sights. Remember to share this video with your friends.