Cute Cats : Kitty With Amazing Blue Eyes

Cute cats are something we all swear by, from the best of the looks to the cutest of antics, there is a lot of stuff that a cat gives us mortals. From petting them to purring with them, we sure love cats to the point that we cannot stop drooling over them. Thanks to Instagram and social media, the global love and fanfare around cute cats have been enhanced of late. How else could you possibly meet Coby, the cute cat icon who has close to 3 lakh Instagram followers and close to 5000 followers on Facebook?
While cute cats look adorable, we are partial towards Coby thanks to its blue eyes—that hypnotize! And funniest thing here is that Coby has a natural eye slant that puts Aladdin’s Jasmine to shame!
In case you wondered who the lucky human owner of Coby is, then meet Rebecca who herself is an art director. Coby is of the British shorthair breed and the fluffy snowball like cute cat could actually put other cute cats to a jealous pile. Rebecca says that when she went around searching for a pet, this shorthair cat was someone she warmed up to in a jiffy.

Coby Has A March Birthday

Cute Cats- Coby All Studious
Coby All Studious

Cute Cats- Coby In Cute Mode
Coby In Cute Mode

Cute Cats- Coby adds some awesomeness
Coby adds some awesomeness

Cute Cats With Cuteness Infinite
Cuteness Infinite

Cute Cats- Coby In Serious Mood
Coby In Serious Mood

Cute Cats Overdose
Overdose of cuteness

Cute Cats- Coby In Shirt
Coby In Shirt

Cute Cats-Coby Up Close
Coby Up Close

More scoop around this cutest of cute cats, Coby has a March birthday. That gave us the idea to cover him here. Given that he is a Pisces in terms of zodiac, his watery blue eyes seem to be a justified feature. Coby has a fifty towards playing in water too. He enjoys splashing around in bathtubs, sinks and the like. The pictures too tell this.
The viral images of Coby only sanctify the fact that we are in love with cute cats from around the world and want more of such stuff. Last week, we fell in love wig the evil-eyed Japanese tabby car and two months back, we saw how the world went gaga over cross-eyed cat Bum. For now the toast can be raised to blue eyed Coby as being the leader in terms of cuteness quotient on our cute cats’ list.