Crazy Hairstyles Found On Human Head

Humans have the tendency to take crazy to a new level, every time they are done settling with the older one. Craziness is not only depicted through crazy ideas, some people pull it of by doing such hairstyles that will make your eyes pop! Here are a few samples!

1. The Lizard Man
This guy seems to have a serious obsession with sci-fi animated films and the anti-heroes! But anyway, let’s not ignore the amazing lizard on his head who also has a pair of popped out eyes!

2. The Man With A Cap
Call it crazy or weird but this guy is the perfect definition of “Jugaadu“. A permanent cap on his head, he’d never fear going out in the summer!

3. The Lady With Swag
So much of sci-fi anti-heroes! This lady has got some serious mental issues and my God her eyes do compliment her hairstyle! And oh! She even trimmed her eye-brows to go with it!

4. Man With Pooping Man On His Head
I assume the barber had some serious grudges against this man. The barber literally ruined the day or maybe the man did not love himself much. Anyway dude, you need a lot of courage to do this or you just need the absence of brain!

5. The Creepy Badass
This guy looks really creepy with this lizard on his head, the lizard also has limbs on it! It seriously creeps me out!

6. The Man With A Man On His Head
It so looks like Voldemort, a cutter version of it! This one is my favorite, it gives you the liberty to sleep in class without being much noticed!