Couples Who Have Been Together Know This Secret

Been together for a long time? Then you will certainly understand these pictures in the post. Only you are those people who know the secret of a long lasting marriage.
What you are still not seeing someone? You still want to know the secret? Okay I will tell you. Here it is:

You Don’t Need To Flatter Each Other Everyday

You don’t try to impress each other with buttery comments anymore. Does she look fat in the jeans? She does, Yes? Is he bad with the household work? Yes. You are now open to pointing out each other’s mistake and are not cross about it.

Been Together
Don’t Flatter Yourself

Run-Of-The-Mill-Stuff Is What Staying Together Is All About

You have nestled into a smooth and unsurprising routine routine, everyday routine. You know about each other’s normal schedule. So predictable is the routine that you could tell what the other is doing at a particular time. That’s what staying together is all about.

Been Together
I Know What You Are Doing

Others Start Telling – “You Have Been Together For A Long Time”

Wait for a second and observe how the people around you react when they see you both together. All the people around you have accepted you as a couple and know marriage is on the cards.

Been Together
More Than Just Friends

You Get A Family Feeling From Your Would Be Inlaws

You have the same feeling when you see his/her family members as you do for your own. Even if his mom is a bit corny, she knows her son is taken. So what if his Dad bugs and hounds you. After some time, both you and your in-laws will be cherishing those memories.

Been Together
You Are Inlaws

Marriage Is Always On Your Mind

Dreams are all about marriage. Nightmares are related to marriage. You have developed a fondness for wedding cakes. You are always planning to book the wedding halls. You eat, drink and sleep wedding.

been together
Nightmares About Marriage

 When You Use We More Than I

I think I do not need to explain any further. I know all of you are nodding your head as you read this.

Been Together
We Are A Couple