Country Where Smoking Marijuana Is Legal

On the 13th of April, the land between Croatia and Persia has been transformed into a new country named as Liberland, or officially, the Free Republic of Liberland. Vít Jedlička stood on the disputed land, proclaimed it as a new country and himself as the new president.

The newly formed Liberland

The name has been kept Liberland as the new president seems to be very liberal on controversial issues such as smoking of marijuana, voluntarily pay of taxes. Sounds really cool right, but everything is just not right.
President Vit along with his proclaimed 5 members government

With only five members of his proclaimed Government, Vit says that the country will be a tax haven, much like Panama. People eventually living in Liberland will be able to own guns, smoke marijuana, drive as fast as they want, and pay taxes voluntarily, all allowed as long as they don’t kill another citizen.
The proposed flag of Limberland

Amidst all this charisma Vit has fallen short of making some actual attractive promises for the people of Liberland. Vit has been plying heavily on his country to be a tax haven or tax heaven as he proclaims but among all this he has not paid importance to other main sectors of the nation. Vit plans to have no health services at all in his small country which already has a potential population of 4,00,000. Undoubtedly the future of this nation stands unplanned.
Vit already has a lot of promises for his small country but it all just seems to be an eye candy. What do you think?