Consumption Of Soda Will Deteriorate Your Health !!

Science has advanced and it has explored a whole set of truths for the betterment of humans. Now you know exactly what you need to do, how you need to eat and how you should exercise. A lot of people have been surrounded by myths and fads. To debunk such fads, science transforms into a handy tool. Today’s experiment is having soda for a month.
We all like soda. In one of the previous posts, I showed you how soda could be used to clean toilets. But in this post, we will focus on the health aspect. After all, Soda is nothing but sugar water. Is this experiment even healthy?
Why am I writing this? That’s because I care for my nation and my countrymen and women. Whatever! But hey, it would be an eye-opener for a lot of people.
Coca Cola sells billions of bottles internationally. About fifty percent of all Americans are drinking at least one glass of soda daily. Wow, can you believe that?
I couldn’t do that even if I was offered all the money on the planet.
How does it affect you?

  • It spoils your teeth. Sodas have a high sugar content. There will be an acid influx and within days the sugar will reach the bones and teeth. The teeth will have a lot of bacteria and the enamel will be eroded quickly. You could contract diabetes due to your faltering insulin levels.
  • There could be added liver fat, so your digestive powers will rot. It could affect you in the worst way possible. All the major systems in the body will be affected. The worst part is that your hormonal flow is disturbed.
  • There will be changes in your weight. You will pile up the kilos and your belly would swell up a bit. Belly fat is the worse kind of fat.

The only thing is that these are not the only possible outcomes. This guy had an awful taste in the tongue and he even could not sleep properly after a fortnight. He had gained 21 pounds by the end of the exercise. In short, all the outcomes were negative.
So folks, you realize how bad soda could be for you. Plan your diet if you want to have junk. But if you could, avoid it at all costs.