Cockroach Milk Is Soon To Be A Part Of Diet, Weird Right? Read On As We Have The Proof

Imagine we are starting our day be feeding ourselves with cockroach milk. Yeah! you read that right, cockroach milk is soon to be a part of our diet, I understand it is as weird to think as this creature is but the recent study by India based Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine has some proof to it.
We are all aware that cockroach lay eggs but let me unfold that Pacific Beetle Cockroach‘, a cockroach specie, structured alike a coffee bean give birth to young ones instead of laying eggs. This specie of cockroach feed its offspring with a dense crystal substance which is rich in protein. With such revelations, biologists made an investigation and surprisingly found that the dense protein crystal found in the gut of this specie contain nutrients which complete a normal human diet.
Biologists tried hard for 54 days in the laboratory to conclude the importance of milk found in this cockroach’s belly. For this, they extruded that liquid from the mid guts of growing embryos and found that dense crystal substance is rich in amino acids and hold proteins, fats and sugars. The team of biologists explained that these substances which are found in the stomach of cockroach is able to provide three times as much energy as that of cows/ buffaloes milk and is rich in calories. To bring it more closer it can be an essential intake for malnutrition people.
Indian Researcher and biologist, Sanchari Banerjee of Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine said that the crystals are complete human food which have proteins, fats, sugar and if looked into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids. However,  a final statement is yet to be made.
Ofcourse, it is in a long run as we cannot receive extreme quantity of this crystal due to the fact that cockroaches lack nipples thus, it cannot be milked. The co-author of the study Subramanian Ramasamy mentioned that to produce in extreme quantities, it could be done through Bioengineered Yeast  The scientists are still to figure out whether the milk is suitable or healthy for human consumption or not.
So, till the time the answers are not clear try removing the ‘yuk’ factor of this creature!!