Church Fashion Hacks To Make An Impression

Writing this piece almost transports me back to the age of Downton Abbey when fashion had its different segments. You dressed for lunch, dinner, services, church masses and even for a stroll in the estate. While Downton Abbey will always remain a wow series to always fall back upon, it sure made me think of how seriously church fashion was taken or still is taken. Leave alone the fact that church fashion has to be conservative, you also need to bear in mind that universal church fashion is almost impossible to set rules on.

Choose a muted shade

Church fashion in muted shades
Muted shades

While church fashion needn’t be always on the spunk side in terms of color palette, make sure you pick a muted shade. However, you need to draw the line between morose and muted. When you are planning to visit church for Mass or any other occasion, you have to come across as pragmatic with a sense of style. Greys and navy blues work magic.

Wear necklines that are conservative

Church fashion with some oomph
Women dresses

While we do not ask you to wear something that stifles you, you need to ensure that church fashion rules need you to play by limited lines. Choose, ruffles, high necks or fringe. These styles of necklines actually add a touch of elegance without making you appear too outdated.

Get the shoe right

Layer it with accessories or jewelry
Layer it with accessories or jewelry

Please leave your stilettos at home. Church fashion has to be elegant. Pumps, low hells and sandal flats are apt picks. However, you need to vehemently avoid flip-flops and pop sandal to church.


Get smart with church fashion tips
Smart girls

Perhaps layering has come to occupy such an important rank in the world of fashion, they even need church fashion to be a bit of the same. Layer with care and layer with élan. You need not dare too add much here but you can surely keep the tee on the shirt simple and low the shrug or jacket to do the talking. However, stay away from motifs, embellishments of too much bling.
Make sure you do not flaunt excessively sheer or body hugging stuff at church. Fitted dresses are welcome since these add smartness to your fashions statement. However, nothing too gaudy or crass will do. When you are skirting around some fashion then make sure you go in for A-lines. Pencil skirts will look good only if you are petite. However, no slit skirts, tight fitted long lengths or short skirts for church service please.
Go straight to heaven with these tips on church fashion. Be practical, funky yet conservative. These hacks will actually make you ear oodles of compliments while also making you appear elegantly-chic  on Mass day!