Celebrities Who Love to Sleep Nude

Celebrities are known for their hectic schedule and fabulous lives. The late night parties, the rigorous fitness regime as well as the strangling filming schedules always keep these celebrities on their toes. Sleep is thus not on their top 10 list of priorities. However, our celebrities do sleep and a few have shocking sleeping habits such as to sleep nude. Isn’t this a jaw popping news for some of the fans here? Let’s find out which of your favorite hot stars love to sleep nude.

Sleep Nude Celebrities
Stars Love to Sleep Naked

The Cool, Drool Boy – John Abraham

Yes, the heartthrob, hunky star, John Abraham confesses to sleep in the nude every night. It’s no wonder, this habit of his will cause many a girls to lose sleep tonight.

Celebrity Who Sleep Nude
John Abraham

Jacqueline Fernandez and Her Sleep Nude Habit

This sizzling Baharaini-Sri Lankan actress and former Miss Universe said in a special interview she loves to sleep naked.

Celebrities Who Sleep Nude
Jacqueline Fernandes

Padma Lakshmi, the International Beauty

The hot television host and the Ex-wife of Salman Rushdie says she loves to strip down to bare nothings when she sleeps in her own sweet space.

Padma Lakshmi Sleeps Nude
Padma Lakshmi

Gorgeously Handsome Nick Jonas

The hot member of Jonas Brothers pop-rock band has admitted to sleep naked. Nick Jonas has went on to say that he just loves sleeping in the nude.

Nick Jonas Sleep Nude
Nick Jonas

The Lovely Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is known to go topless for several magazine photoshoots. She not only loves to sleep nude, but she loves to go naked whenever possible.

Celebrity Who Sleep Nude
Miranda Kerr

All Love to Go in One Direction

Celebrites Who Sleep Nude
One Direction

The sensational British boy-band One Direction has also revealed they too love going to bed naked. We guess these guys love to loosen up things when they rest.
These are some of your favorite stars who love to sleep nude. They surely believe in going au naturel when they sleep. Would you like to try to strip down to nothing when you sleep, just like your favorite star?